Order boards button

There used to be a “Order” button in Upverter Project Page as described here:

But I can’t find the button. Was it removed? Will it come back?

Hey Daniel, we took down the Order button for maintenance. I don’t have an ETA on when it will be back.

In the meantime, for bare PCBs, simply download your gerbers and upload the .zip to OSHpark. The filenames are directly compatible.

For parts you can download a .CSV of your BOM and upload it to Digikey.

Let me know if you need help with any of this!


Would love to have this feature back to help our CM’s.

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This one has been coming up a lot lately - honestly we’re a bit surprised by how painful turning it off has been for our users. Sorry about that! We thought the experience was bad, we’re embarrassed and felt the best option was to turn it off until it was up to a standard we could stand behind.

All that said, I’ll talk to the team tomorrow and see what we can do to bring it back faster.

Maybe call it an estimate button instead. That is how I use it in all PCB software, since its bad everywhere :slight_smile:

Hey Blaze,

Just curious about how you were using the order button. Was it to simply get cost estimates that you could compare against those from your CM? Or were you ordering through Upverter? Or something else? This will help us figure out the best way to help you. Thx!


Moved to Support / Manufacturing since it’s Upverter specific.

Hello Anandh,

I’m using it to get cost estimate for high-level managers. I wouldn’t want to order the parts through Upverter, even if it was “perfect”. That seems risky and not scalable.