Offline mode for China (and plane...)

When in China, probably the most appropriate place for electronics, this (electronics) tool is really hard to work with, it doesn’t sound very logical ;p
Please, don’t make us go back to stupid offline software!

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When was the last time you tried from China? There have been a number of improvements made that should help performance world wide.

The communication with the editor is all done using WebSockets now (in the past XHR communication was primarily used). We have done substantial testing with low bandwidth, high latency links, with China specifically in mind. The disconnection detection and behavior have been substantially improved. We are taking advantage of better batching and deduplication which greatly improves performance on high latency links.

Lastly, all of the static assets, the main javascirpt blob most importantly, get loaded from a CDN. Because of how these assets get versioned they can be cached in the browser.

Any way to do a browser plugin to increasing caching? I’ll test it again in China when back in March.

I tried a couple of months ago and I’ll go back in about a month so I’ll tell you :wink:
So we don’t lose anything if we work 10h in the plane and switch off the laptop when no more battery? (Chrome knows how to reopen tabs with Google doc content, the same technique would be perfect)

I use upterver with VPN :blush: