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I have just started with upverter and have a question about using the System Tab. It seems to be separated from the other design tools, and I can not find any means to export anything I layout in System mode. Also, when I login, I see my pervious schematic, but not any work I did in the System window. Is there an explanation or tutorial on how/what to use the System tab for? I find the drag and drop adding blocks to be very productive - just wish I could save and export.
Thanks in advance.

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The System Tab is currently a stand alone workspace. It is built to assist with drawing high level system diagrams for your project. That way you can include helpful design information about your project according to your project needs.
Let me know if this helps.

Hello Issac… thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
Is there a way I can export the design made in the system tab?

System view is also useful for conveying high-level mechanical/layout ideas when collaborating.

Using the shape tool I drew a simple picture with PCB outline and boxes representing module areas, but when I later went back to make some edits, I haven’t found a way to do so.
When using shape tool to add a box/circle, it automatically gets grouped with existing diagram (included in a blue-shaded box). Using undo in history feels too risky to try since I made hundreds of schematics edits in between.
Dragging a box to select the shape doesn’t work either.

Is there some other way to selectively edit a System view picture consisting of multiple shapes?

A few potential ideas if function is missing:

  1. Add an ungroup option to System view selector tool
  2. When selecting a “merged” shape, highlight the associated actions in the history tool, so one can easier find which one to undo.
  3. Allow user to doubleclick on a “merged” shape (similar to a part) and then provide options for
    how to edit it.

Has this been updated so one can export? I just made a block diagram and I would like to export it.

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