Navigating Around Your Design

  • Zoom using your mouse scroll wheel or trackpad.
  • Pan (ie. move) the design by holding spacebar and moving the mouse. You can also pan like Google maps by clicking-and-holding for a brief moment, then moving the mouse.
  • Rotate parts using the “R” key.

Here’s a video showing how to do it.

The zoom is too sensitive on my mac with the mac’s touch sensitive mouse. The schematic zooms frequently when I’m trying to drag a connection, or select a component or something unrelated. I would prefer to have to hold down a key while zooming like holding the space bar to pan. Are there preferences to control this behavior (or set the sensitivity of the scroll wheel) anywhere?

This is an issue for me, too. I really would like to buy the hobbyist offer, but Upverter is totally useless with a Magic Mouse on the Mac. A simple change/option would be enough to fix that: Mouse scroll wheel events should be „translated“ into pan (as usual on the Mac) and Zoom should be an option key.

Fix that and I am sold ;-).

Part Rotation [schematic]. ‘R’ shortcut key is really handy, but is there a way to rotate to other than 90 deg. increments, e.g. to show conventional representation of Wheatstone bridge or important ‘star’ nodes ?

shift-R is clockwise
R is counter-clockwise

not sure if there is a 180 degree rotation shortcut

F flips to other side

@ekeyser. Already using the R key to go around the clock both ways in 90 degree chunks, but was hoping there might be another key combo to shift things to 30 or 45 degree increments, to depict bridges, (not just diodes), and highlight ‘star’ connections. There are other schematic symbols that this might help with, too.

I’ve already tried making a Wheatstone bridge with a couple of resistive elements in each (45 degree) arm from scratch with line segments. NOT an easy task, plus adding connections is constrained by the design of the PINS attribute that defaults to a rectangular outline. I’d be happy with just being able to rotate symbols in the existing library to regular increments OTHER than 90 degrees.

This isn’t a shortcut obviously and maybe I’m missing what you’re saying but you should be able to inspect the component and then select the raw degrees from that dialog box (property inspector from right nav).

I tried doing this on multiple components in one of my designs but didn’t see a way to pull up the inspection dialog when multiple components are selected.

@ekeyser: Really scratching my head now ???

Added a generic resistor to an existing schematic, selected and looked at the Properties Inspector dialog box - no sign of anything to do with rotation or degrees.

Tried creating my own part starting with just a resistor symbol, but no Properties dialog is even shown (presumably until you commit to creating the part with all its attributes).

Thanks for the response.

Yes. Found rotation capability in the Footprint editor, but need it for symbols in the Schematic editor.

Hi @mkbrandt, @pschuster, I’ve filed a ticket to add an option to the zoom menu to turn off scroll-to-zoom.

Hi @gary64, we don’t allow non-90 degree rotations for symbols in the schematic editor because the pins have to be aligned to the grid. You will need to draw the symbol in the component editor to match up with what you want.