Missing PTH pads for inner layers

Design export is missing the pads for inner layers for a component.

I have checked, the source component does indeed have inner layers pads defined.
Also, you can see in the first picture that upverter correctly renders this.
But as you can see in the second picture, the design export is completely missing these pads.

For reference, the designID is this:

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Any reply from Upverter here?

We could really use some help.

They’ve changed the footprint creation a while back and made it more powerful…but more complicated…I noticed that you have to specify all the layers for copper and solder mask…It’s annoying because any change has to be done like a billion times for multi-pin parts.

Thanks for your reply. I do know they changed the footprint creation. Unfortunately this is not it, as I’ve verified that my holes correctly have inner layers set, as well as, solder mask on top and bottom.

You can see in the two pictures above, its the pads themselves (for the header pins) on the inner layers that are missing completely. Upverter even correctly renders it, but the gerber file export is broken.

Dear Robert,

Sorry for late response. What tool did you use for opening the exported gerber file? Perhaps the app is not able to render some components.

All of them. Every manufacturer had issues seeing it.
This program as well:

It doesn’t matter now. I got around the bugs.