Making a created part public


I’ve created a part which is a modified MXM314 header with the correct pin names for a newly released SoM board which I’d like to make public so others can use it. (It’s not quite finished yet, as I need to double check and add the right mounting holes for the SoM.)

But the URL to the part doesn’t seem to be accessible unless I’m logged in, which I think means it isn’t publicly viewable? I also can’t find it by searching the parts database when I’m not logged in.

The ‘NDA Part’ checkbox is already unticked; is there something else I need to do to allow others to access it?

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There’s no way to share your part with the community at the moment. But you can have this part in you team’s library.


Ah okay, I think I’d misunderstood what all the ‘unverified’ parts (of variable quality) are, which I see in the library alongside the verified ones.

Out of interest, where have these come from? Have they been uploaded by manufacturers or from other packages rather than shared by users?