It seems that I overwrote a part by mistake, which was made by others. Can I revert it?

I am not so familiar with upverter, since I just started last week.

I was trying to make my parts.

I searched by “7pin” and found a part. From the part, I edited to what I want.
I thought that I can make “new” part from the original one (SD1602X).
But it seems that I “overwrote” the part.

I would like to revert it. Are there anyway to do it?

I am very sorry for the people who made the original part.

Hi @7of9, there is a button on the part page to “Copy Symbol & Footprint”.

The changes you made are visible only to you in your personal library and is not propagated to the global database unless approved by the parts concierge.

Hello, cyu_qu.

Thank you for your reply.

So my change did not propagate to the global database.
It’s good to hear that.