Issues Trying to add a collaborator?

Tried to add collaborators using the video as a guide but,

Account settings -> Save Members

appears to be the only place to add other users, but they do not get invites, what am I missing?


Ideas, anyone?


Can you give me some more details, I will give it a try to see if I can reproduce this and give you a fix or work around.




From “Account settings”, “Add User” (to add a collaborator/colleague), add their email address, “save members”

  • Colleague gets no Invite, the added colleagues show “pending”

Testing today, the “add user” button doesn’t work at all on Chrome or Firefox.



Oh, and I did follow the video (Managing Your Team Settings) best I could

Managing Your Team Settings

For teams and organizations, learn how to edit their settings like editor permissions, inviting new team members…


I took a look at the email logs, it seems like they got the invitations in September, maybe they got sent to spam?

Did they end up signing up for an account? If not you can have them sign up and send me their usernames and I will add them to your team for you while we look into what happened and why your are having trouble with the add members dialog.

Hi mwoodworth33 … I just posted an issue on this problem. A current problem. If you are still around, do you have ideas on how to fix this?

Do I need to issue invitations from a particular browser, for example. They did not work from Microsoft Edge. Does the recipient have to already have an account in upVerter? Or what?

I cannot find any instructions on how to add a contributor/collaborator, or any preconditions list that tells the user you need this, this, and that set to such and such before the invitation will go out.