Is there a way to denote active low on a pin?


ie. to generate an overbar?


Yes, edit the pin name and add a backslash (’’) after each character over which you’d like an overbar.

Alternatively you can simply add a lowercase ‘n’ after the name. That’s a common and clear way to indicate active-low.

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how about making it so a ‘~’ prefix causes the whole name to be rendered with an overbar?



Update: You don’t have to put a backslash (’’) after every character. Putting it in front of the first character will create an overbar for the whole name. Hope this helps.


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How would I display a “#” character? Even with back or forward slash escape character, adding a # always puts a line over the text that follows…


You can display a ‘#’ if it is not the first character in a “group” (spaces and ‘/’ break the string up in to groups that are used to show overlines).

It would probably be good to have a way to escape the ‘#’ character so that it could be displayed first. I’ll file a ticket for this.