Is there a way to control visible attribute justification in symbol editor?

I’d like to change justification of visible attributes on my symbol. Is there a way to do that?

Ideally I’d like to be able to select any possible attribute text justification:

top left, top center, top right
middle left, middle center, middle right
bottom left, bottom center, bottom right

Hi @cioma, what would the text be justified in relation to? The symbol? Itself? The text is movable so I’m not sure how this would be beneficial.

@cyu_qu, I mean text justification within itself. Please see pictures in this article for example:

Just moving the text is not exactly sufficient. For example I want an attribute (e.g. Reference Designator) to be centered to the body of a symbol. When the symbol is used in schematic an actual value is assigned to the attribute and the length of the string might be different and without the justification option it will not be centered to the symbol body. But if an attribute (and any text string for that matter) would allow setting its justification then there would be no problems.

OK, thanks for explaining. I’ve filed a feature request ticket for this.

Many thanks @cyu_qu!