Is tere a way to change grid step in symbol editor?

Does anyone have an idea if it’s possible to change grid step in the symbol/schematic editor?
By default it’s 10 units. Switching off “snap to grid” is a workaround but it’s not very convenient.

You cannot change the grid size for the symbol editor. In the schematic editor, the net tool will only place nets on the grid so pins must align to the grid.

I was thinking more about setting grid larger than 10 units, not smaller. Of course new value shall be divisible by 10 units.

Are there situations where the current grid is not sufficient for symbols/schematics?

Well, I always create my own symbols in order to make my schematics look according to my rules.
E.g. I’d probably like to have symbol pins to be on a grid of 20 units instead of 10. Being able to set grid step to 20 would greatly simplify my symbol creation process. Besides when capturing schematic I prefer to set grid step to the smallest grid step between symbol pins (e.g. 20 in this example) as it makes drawing nets way easier and less error-prone.

Surely there are several other examples where an engineer would like to control grid step during schematic/symbol design.

Thanks for explaining. I’ve filed a feature request ticket for it.

Many thanks for that!