Import Gerbers?

I would like to import/view a reference design from Linear Tech (Demo 2014A). The files provided are:

  • Gerber
  • Schematic (.dsn)
  • PCB (.pcb)
  • pdf (schematic, board)

Is it possible to import any of these files to Upverter? Or do I need to find a 3rd party gerber viewer?

The schematic file is possibly an OrCAD file. To import it, you will need OrCAD to convert it into our OpenJSON format, as outlined in Import from OrCAD Capture.

If the schematic is indeed an OrCAD .dsn file, the PCB is possibly an Allegro .pcb file. We cannot import Allegro .pcb files at this time. However, Allegro .brd files can be imported into Upverter by themselves or in conjunction with the converted OrCAD files.

We cannot import pdfs or gerbers as they don’t contain the necessary schematic/pcb information to create an Upverter project.

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I’ve created a separate note regarding this since it seems to come up fairly often: