How to use Generics

Upverter’s Generics feature is a great way to add passive components to your schematic whose manufacturer part numbers can be chosen later. This is especially useful for adding decoupling capacitors and pull-up/down resistors – you simply specify the value and other parameters you want and don’t worry about finding an orderable part until later.

This is much better than other workflows where you have to create a new resistor/cap in the library for each value you want.

Here’s a video showing how to make use of this feature.

I like the generic feature in schematic and layout. Works well. But how do I use it when finalizing the BOM? Even after I choose a mfg PN in the BOM manager it still doesn’t (except once in a blue moon) populate the rest of the table and show up as an orderable part.

Hey Eric! You’re right, I just reproduced it. We’re taking a look at it and will keep you posted. Thanks for letting us know.


@lieser I took a look at the issue. It’s possible that the manufacturing parts you selected only have pricing available for higher quantities than the quantity you are looking for in your project. A quick test to check this would be to set your project quantity to a large number, like 10000. Alternatively, check the pricing tab on the specific part page. I’ll add a task to our to-do list to make this clearer.

If this doesn’t appear to be the issue, link us to an example project and a specific part that you’re trying to put into your BOM and we’ll take a closer look.