How to make ratsnest visible & disable auto changing theme

I’m new to Upverter and I’m encountering two extremely annoying issues. I’ve tried searching the internet and the forum without any luck.

  1. How do I make the ratsnest visible? I have everything default right now, including having all my nets “visible” in the Net List panel. When I click on a via to start drawing a trace, it will show all the connections left on that net, but figuring out which traces I have left to draw would be extremely tedious with more complex projects. I would like to see my remaining undrawn connections without having to start drawing a trace.

  2. I would prefer to use the dark theme, but Upverter changes itself back to the light theme about every minute. How do I disable this? Why is this even a feature?

I’ve tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox and they all behave the same. I have no plugins installed on any of them.

Thanks for any help

Just in case anyone in the future cares. These features are reserved for people with accounts. If you do not create an account, you are not allowed to see your ratsnest and the theme resets back to white every minute. I’m sure there are other little annoyances they programmed in to make you need to sign up for an account.

Hi Pyk,
Since Upverter is totally free, I’m not sure I understand the issue with creating an account. There were no intentional motivators, as far as I know, built in to get you to sign up, and I’m guessing that the theme switching is due to a polling error as the server goes to recover your user settings, finds none and reverts to defaults. As far as the invisible ratsnest is concerned, it may be related in a similar way, as the client attempts to synchronize the design data with the server and finds no saved project.

The problem is with removing features and adding in annoyances but not telling the user that creating an account will fix anything. All you have to do is either tell users that features might not work without an account, or completely lock users out until they create an account. If you don’t tell them, these issues seem to be intentional.

This might be a recent bug that the developers aren’t aware of. I’ll look into it.