How to layout PCB board

Here are some steps to layout PCB board:


Copy board methods and procedures

The first step to get a PCB, first recorded on paper all the good vitality of the model parameters, and the location, especially

Which is a diode, three machine direction of the tube, IC direction of the gap. The best shot with a digital camera two positions according to vitality


The second step, to remove all the devices, and the PAD hole in the tin removed. PCB clean with alcohol, and then

Placed inside the scanner, scanner when scanning needs slightly increase the number of pixels in order to obtain a clearer FIG.

Like, start POHTOSHOP, color printing surface sweep way, save the file and print it out for use.

third step,

Water and paper yarn will TOP LAYER BOTTOM LAYER two light sanding, polishing the shiny copper film, the scanner, start PHOTOSHOP, the two-color mode, respectively sweep. Note, PCB must be placed in a straight horizontal flat tree scanner, otherwise you can not use the scanned image, and save the file.

The fourth step is to adjust the canvas contrast, brightness, so that some portion of the copper film and the copper film no strong contrast,

Then the second drawing to black and white, check the line is clear, if not clear, repeat this step. If clear, the map as black and white BMP file format TOP.BMP and BOT.BMP, if you find a problem with the graphics PHOTOSHOP can also be used to repair and correction.

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The fifth step, the two BMP file formats are converted PROTEL format files transferred layer in PROTEL in

Such as over two-position PAD and VIA substantially coincide, indicating the first steps to do well, if there are deviations,

The third step is repeated.

The sixth step, the TOP layer of BMP into TOP.PCB, pay attention to the conversion to the SILK layer, that layer is yellow, then you are in the TOP layer scanning lines it wants, and in accordance with the second step of drawing placement device. After drawing the SILK layer deleted.

The seventh step, the BMP BOT layer into BOT.PCB, pay attention to the conversion to the SILK layer, that layer is yellow, then you line it wants in the BOT layer description. After drawing the SILK layer deleted

The eighth step in PROTEL in TOP.PCB and BOT.PCB transferred, combined into a graph on OK.

The ninth step, a laser printer TOP LAYER, BOTTOM LAYER were printed onto transparencies (1: 1 ratio), the film is placed on a piece of PCB, a comparison is wrong, if right, and you’re done .

Other: If you have to carefully polished plywood to the inside lining, while repeating the third to the ninth step, of course,

Graphics naming is different, according to the number of layers to be, many common double-sided copy board than simple plywood, plywood

Copy plate prone to the position not, so be especially careful Multilayer PCB copy board and care (including internal conduction

Holes and vias are not prone to problems).