How to generate XYRS file?


I’m trying to send my design to but as part of the process they require an XYRS file which I’m not sure how to get from Upverter.

This file seems to be a combination of the XY pick & place and BoM files but also with size data. Is there a way to get this data from the project page? I can’t find an option that works or any help online about this. XYRS file decription given here:

I noticed Upverter added support for exporting Gerbers to OSHPark, but is MacroFab also supported or could this be added in the future?



Also interested in this.


In general what progress in the realm of file conversion, the upverter conversion repository appears defunct and there seems to be limited support for exporting to formats like kiCad etc.



We have been using a combination of the P&P and the BOM to do assembly, I am going to look into the XYRS or Centroid file formats.


That would be great. Many assembly places I’ve looked at want either XYRS or Centroid so built in support would be very useful.

For now I’ve created a simple program to do most of the conversion from the P&P and BOM files, but it’s still a tedious manual process to complete which has to be redone with each design revision.


I’ve cleaned up the “pick and place” export to include some extra information. The placement units are now in Mils and I’ve added a package and value field. These will get populated for components that the information is present in the attributes.

I looked through a number of other assemblers and didn’t see any others that asked for footprint height or width. Are these fields necessary?


Sorry to revive an old thread but Microfab support would be helpful for me too. It seems they require the height and width.


Yes, height and width is used by Macrofab but only to show the location of components on the website. So they are not absolutely needed but it help with verifying rotation of parts.

The changes made already are very helpful, although the file from Upverter isn’t immediately compatible with Macrofab. Thanks for the progres.


I am in same boat with MacroFab. It would be a great addition to upverter to have xyrs file.


Same for me. Out of the box MacroFab support would be great.


Extending the current XYRS format to also specify width and length would make building a standard XYRS file easier. I don’t want to make assumptions, but these measurements seem simple to export since the parts are usually rendered during PCB Layout.

Macrofab’s format looks like this.

#Placement Data:
#Designator	X-Loc	Y-Loc	Rotation	Side	Type	X-Size	Y-Size	Value	Footprint	Populate	MPN
J4	423.2283465	256.8897638	0	2	1	248.032	598.031	3220-14-0300-00	CONN_HDR14_SMT	1	3220-14-0300-00