How to do through-hole headers with the new footprint generator?


Previously there was convenient footprint generator for through-hole headers. I cannot find similar functionality anymore after the update. What is the recommended way to quickly generate footprints for header-type of components?


Hi @tero.saarni welcome! Thank you for reporting this. The new and more powerful wizard that creates IPC compliant footprints has been migrated from Altium Designer, however it only supports SMD components.

Footprints such as headers can currently be created from the ground up, or cloned from a standard library component to change some parameters and get a new part.

We’re now planning to have two wizards, the new, current wizard for generating Footprints in accordance with the standards released by the IPC, and the previously available wizard for simple Footprints such as headers.

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Please, please, do please re-introduce the legacy footprint generator asap, to allow generation of custom PTH (thru-hole) components. It helps so much in prototype boards.

Please :slight_smile:


Just closing the loop: thank you for bringing the feature back so quickly!