How to do bulk parameter modification in footprint editor?

For example, suppose you select a bunch of PCB pads in the footprint editor. All these pads have common parameters, like x, y, rotation, etc. In Altium you can make bulk modifications of identical component parameters, like set all pads on this footprint to the same x coordinate. I don’t see any way to do this in Upverter. I can open the property inspector if I have a single component selected, but if I have more than one of the same component selected the button to open the inspector goes away, and pressing i does nothing. Anything I am missing?

This is an important feature to have. Currently, the way to do this is to use the layout editor, and not the inspector tool. For instance, you can incrementally move groups of padstacks with the keyboard’s arrow keys, or rotate them with the r key.
In the layout tool, most pads, or vias, or parts can be parametricly changed in the inspector, but silkscreen, polys and pours cannot.
I will ask the dev team if we can increase the scope of bulk parameter modification in a future release.