How to create a generic part



I’m trying to create a generic resistor with european symbol (rectangle). But even by starting to create my part from an existing generic part, once created, it is no more generic. I can no more change its value on my schematic.

Am I doing something wrong ?


Hmmm I’m not sure but generic parts are supported.

If you place the generic resistor on the schematic and double-click to edit it, the properties list should allow you to put any value in it, along with any part number once you know what part to buy.


Thanks for response.
The problem is that in my modified generic resistor, I’m no more able to modify any of its value like I can on standard generic parts.


The only workaround I found is to define a new attribute resistance (same name as the original).
Set the original attribute as unvisible and set the new as visible.
This new attribute can be edited…
As I’m new to upverter, I don’t know what are the side effects that this hack may have :wink:


Hi @svetsch

Yes, we do not allow core attributes to be edited on components so that the components get corrected in library … in hopes that we will approach a complete library over time.

There will not be any major side effect, just that it might appear wrong in the BoM view/export.

Out of curiosity, why are you using a made generic resistor instead of the built in generic. I would love to figure out how we can make generics better so you do not have to use this work around :slight_smile:




It is just because I prefer the european style of resistor (simple rectangle) instead of the american one.