How to control text size and font type in symbol editor?

Is there a way to control text size and font type in symbol editor?

There are no text/font options for symbol text.

Is it possible to request this feature and if yes what do I need to do in addition to posting this message?

Is there a reason why the default text is not sufficient? What text sizes and font types are you looking for?

Well, for me the current font (seems to be Arial) looks too fancy for an engineering drawing (too many curves, doesn’t look professional). I’d suggest adding at lease the following fonts:
Source Code Pro
Ubuntu Mono
Liberation Mono

As far as text size is concerned it would make sense to be able to set it to any sensible value (in points) like in MS Word or LibreOffice Writer (e.g. 4 to 72 pts).

Being able to control font style (normal, bold, italic, strikethrough) would be great too.

I understand Upverter’s SW development resources are limited and you’d have to prioritize feature requests. But I think such tiny usability things would attract more professional users to Upverter as in most of the commercial CADs those features are already available.

Thanks for providing more detail. I’ve filed a feature request ticket containing everything you’ve described here.

Thank you, @cyu_qu !