How to connect a rocker switch to power supply?

How to connect a rocker switch to a power supply. In the schematic there is no dot to connect it to the power supply?

Which part are you using as a rocker switch? I will take a look at the part and see if I can provide answers.

TE Connectivity PRASA1-16F-BB0BW

This component is not meant to be a solder-mounted component. Placing this component on a PCB involves a cutout region and patch wires to the leads. That’s why the part has no pins. I have two recommendations:

  1. Choose a switch that is meant to be soldered to the board. NKK Switches GW12RHP looks reasonable.

  2. Add plated through-holes on either side of the part and use some jumper wire to connect the switch when you have the PCB in hand. It doesn’t look like there is a cut-out built into the part so you may have to add it to the board yourself.

Thank you.