How to add node to path or pour?


When I have anything more than a basic shape of path or pour, I find it difficult to edit. Use cases: I have board cutout connectors and trace the board outline around them or I have a non-square/round enclosure to fit. The path or the board outline and the perimeter of the pour start to have many nodes. As far as I can tell, this is a one-shot deal. If I mess up or want to modify the shape, I can’t add another control node easily. The only way to modify the shape (beyond moving an existing one) is double click the path and manually add a x,y point. But where to add that point can take a long tedious time to figure out.

In Eagle, there’s a point-and-click tool to add a node to a path. How is this accomplished in Upverter? Or must I delete the whole path and start over or try to figure out the coordinates and manually add the node?


Hi @ngermain,

We don’t currently have a tool to add nodes, but it is certainly something we want to add.

The process you described is currently the only process to add a node. What might make it slightly easier is to manually add an x,y point slightly off from its sibling node, save, and then drag the new node to your desired location.


4 years later, still relevant… Please improve node addition/removal.