How to add 3D step file to component footprint?

Using auto-generated or custom footprints, I should be able to add an external 3D step file to the footprint for the 3D view. I can’t seem to find any way to add a step file to a component footprint. Does this capability exist? It seems like a basic feature to have when doing PCB design.

I have been wondering the same thing. Many of the verified components do have 3D models, but a large number do not. I will look further into this and find out more.

STEP files for parts are currently brought in from If there is no data regarding the digikey or mouser sku, or if the octopart page doesn’t have a STEP file, it will not be present. Uploading your own STEP file is currently not an option, but I will submit a feature request, if one doesn’t already exist.