How? Remove a duplicate pour

We have a PCB where we did a Bottom Pour and a Top Pour.
For some reason, we have two Bottom Pours. In order to finish the PCB (we were on a schedule), and we could not figure out how to delete one of the two bottom pours, we chose at that time to live with it. We simply made the two bottom pours identical, then Gerber-ized the file and sent it. However, now that we are cleaning it up, enhancing it, and will implement fixes from debugging the PCB, we want to eliminate (remove, delete, etc.) one of the two Bottom Pours. We only need one.

Anyone know how to do this? We could not find anything in Upverter.
We are relatively new to upVerter - still learning things.

Why not simply delete it?

When you say “simply delete it” what do you mean.

I can unpour it, if that is what you mean by ‘delete’. But I am not talking about that. I am talking about taking the second Bottom Pour out of the pour section so it does not appear anymore. I don’t need two Bottom Pour layers.