How do I edit my part's name and description?

I have created a new part but for whatever reason I closed the initial dialog box before I named the part and edited the description and the other fields. I presumed I could go back and fix this later, but I can’t find how to do this. Can I actually go back and edit this information, or do I need to bin my part and start again? And how do I actually delete a part?


John :^P

Hey Synchromesh,

You can get back to the ‘attributes’ window (the dialog box you mentioned), here’s how:

On the far right, there’s an area for attributes. In that menu, you can edit the name & description by clicking ‘edit’.

Make sure you’re in the parts editor, though!

Hope it helps,


Ah, thanks Yusef - it’s always obvious once someone points it out… I managed eventually to find the “delete part from library” button, too.

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