How do I copy and paste one Schematic to another

Hello, I am trying to copy a community made schematic to my project. I highlight the schematic and click copy as shown:

And then I click paste in my project (different tab on my browser):

But the schematic does not appear.

How do I perform this basic function?

You can convert it into a module. Use the knife tool and select the circuit you want to copy, save it as a module, and then add the module to your other schematic. Or if it’s a new project you’re copying into, consider forking the design and removing the other parts. Creating a module has the added benefit of being edited in one place and updated everywhere, like a part can be. Let me know if you have any trouble doing this.

Yes, I am having difficulty. It says to create a symbol to represent the module. This doesn’t make sense to me, as I simply want to copy the contents of one schematic to another. I don’t want it being represented by a symbol. I just want the actual schematic.

I understand the issue. Because Upverter is a web-based tool, there are certain limitations. One of which is that the copy and paste functions have no context outside of their browser tab. As such, the design elements cannot be pasted from one tab to another. I suppose the module feature might have originally been created to deal with this limitation.
I will, however, add ‘copying and pasting between projects’ to the feature requests list. In the meantime, my two earlier suggestions are alternatives that don’t involve redoing the circuit from scratch.