Having Multiple Schematics in a project

I have created to different schematics. Both are modules. When I created the second module I was in the first one and it was created as a new project. How do I keep all my modules in on project so I can share the link to the project and not have to keep sending new link’s for each module.

I would also hope that modules can be used in design’s so that you can have a schematic that ties all your modules together. I can’t see how this is done either.

Hi @2-Zons,

I am not 100% sure what you mean, but I will shoot what I think is the answer to both questions.

To have multiple modules in a single schematic, what you have to do it in a non-modules design, in the “add component” dialog, click on models and search for the one that you are looking for. (images below)

When the model is in the design, it will look like a component in the schematic, and the layout you have in the module in the layout screen. You and look at the schematic for the module or go to the module from the “inspect” dialog. If you would like to edit this instance of the module, it can be “exploded” so the full schematic is in the new design, but it will act like it is just a normal set of components after being exploded.

We are currently working on a better UI and experience for this.

let me know if this helps or if I missed what you are looking for.