Ground Pour Gerber Export


Hi there!

I did my first Layout with Upverter, and 'till today I was super happy!
Yesterday, I wanted to export my (goodlooking) PCB Layout (GERBER) to produce my long-awaited PCB Prototype :slight_smile: Now, the company sent me the following; and if I open my GERBER files it looks the same: The ground poor is suuuper badly made, there are ugly tiny holes, like this of course I can’t produce the Prototype.

In Upverter, the pour looks perfectly, but in the gerber files, it looks like this. Is there a possibility how I can make this better?

thank you so much,

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I’ve been seeing increasing numbers of bugs with Upverter, and the support doesn’t seem to be very reactive.

If you’re just now starting, I strongly suggest giving a shot at another tool such as Kicad. We’re “locked into” Upverter and it’s getting increasingly problematic - currently the tool bugs when trying to export files while we are supposed to go into production…


Yeah, well, first I thought it’s just a wrong setting or something like that. The poor looks like beeing created out of a lot of horizontal traces… But I can’t find how to fix it…
And yes, the whole PCB Layout is finished and is just waiting for production, so please, Upverter, help me! Thanks.



Export of Gerbers is still crashing, Upverter support still not answering. That’s 2 days lost on a tight production schedule, i.e. hundreds of euros in rushed production costs even if it starts working right now.

This is a joke.


As you can see, the horizontal lines, which together are generating the pour, just stop too late or too early… This is definitely a bug… UPVERTER, please help me, I am loosing time and money…



Can you send me the design ID and the Gerber files that have the issue?




So … I think there was a bug in the generation code, and it is fixed and deployed.

Thank you for the detailed report and images!

Let me know if you come across anything else.




Hi Michael,

Thank you, I’ll check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day



Let me know how it goes! Gerber errors are #1 on the bug list, always.


Hi Michael,

It looks good now, thank you very much.



Great, Thanks for following up!

Let me know if you have any more question.