Ghost Solder Mask


Hi, I’ve been trying out Upverter and so far, it’s great.
Have hit a snag though. I originally had a larger board size and had a bottom solder mask generated.
I have changed things (board size, updated footprints) and now I have a ghost solder mask.

As you can see below, in the Layout Editor my bottom solder mask is blank, but when I export/open the gerber files the old solder mask is still there.

Is there anyway to delete this?



Wellll I sorted this out myself.

Even though the mask was not there in the layer, or selectable in any way, it was still there.
I was able to ‘re-pour’ it using the Layers tab on the bottom right, then it was visible/selectable/deletable.

Hope this helps someone in the future.


And by ‘Layers’ tab I of course meant ‘Pours’