Free form refdes?

There’s a dropdown for reference designators! That’s cute! But how can I set a refdes that’s not in the list?

PS for power supply for instance?

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I ran into this issue too wherein I wanted to use V for vacuum tubes. I designed the symbol and footprint using refdes U. Once I placed the symbol, I simply highlighted the refdes on the schematic and changed it to V1, V2, etc.

Yeah but come on, that’s extra work to fix something that worked perfectly fine before!

What’s the next step? Inability to draw footprints manually, and you have to pick them from a dropdown?

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Sorry Gavrilo, the drop down for reference designators was not supposed to be released. I’ve made a ticket against it and it will get removed.


Sooo… any update about that? Do you have an idea when this will be removed?

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18 months ago you guys released something that “was not supposed to be released”. It’s still in the product. Slow clap.

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