Forum usability suggestion

This suggestion is intended to be taken in a positive light since you are doing a lot of great work!

When entering a new topic or a reply on the forum, I look for a “Submit” button so that I confidently know that my post will be submitted. Instead, I find a “New Topic” button or a “Reply” button instead. From a developer’s perspective, the button directly indicates what will happen when I click it, but from a users perspective, I want to know that I am submitting the post that I just wrote. I would prefer to only see a word such as “submit”, but it could be combined with the target action such as:
Submit (New Topic)
Submit (Reply)

My expectation is that when I see a button for “Reply”, I will open up a new reply which will probably erase the post that I just wrote.

Hopefully this suggestion is helpful and keep up the great work!

Good suggestion! Sorry for taking so long with a response, I thought it would be an easy change to make, but I didn’t want to promise anything without having a chance to look into it. Turns out it was an easy change!

How do you like now?

Excellent! Now I have more confidence when posting.