Forked project issues

Project/designID 7df792894ea6b1db
Forked this project, from a project I completed almost a year ago, in order to do a board re-spin. Found two issues in the forked project:

  1. Components U11, U12 and U13 (same component type) lost a GND connection in schematic and layout after the fork. My main concern is that it could go undetected and there could be other similar problems lurking. How can one audit for this - possible to compare the JSON files?
  2. Two notes arrows in schematics carried over from old project can’t be deleted (tool crashes and reloads the project when try). No problem deleting a newly created notes arrow created in the forked project.
    Using FireFox on MacOS 10.14.6.

Also wondering if there is a smart way to remove a complete trace between two pins that is routed between layers - manually deleting one segment at a time is slow.

To add to my issue about forked project issue 1. Looking some more, I see the schematic lost all connections to one of the two ground planes. When forking another version of project, the schematics are correct, so problem was introduced while I was editing ( I was able to use history to back out of issue - very possible I made mistake selecting a trace, although a bit surprising one can delete all ground connections in schematic with a single action.)

Hello Erik,
The mentioned design with ID 7df792894ea6b1db is closed (private) so it is not possible to open it. Also, the described behavior itself cannot be reproduce. Please add a detailed description in step-by step of the issue.