Footprints for generics don't work anymore


We’ve been using the generics quite a bit and they’re awesome, but in the past few days they stopped generating generating footprints …
E.g. I select a generic resistor, select an 0805 footprint and I get nothing in the PCB and the part list shows the footprint is N/A.

This was experienced on 3 macbooks and a windows 10 laptop on different networks.



I’m also facing the same problem for the last few days. One temporary solution might be copying previously used generic component which already have a footprint.


Yup, we’ve just been using existing components via the search like “100K 0805”. Hope it gets fixed soon …


I can also confirm this on Linux in Chrome


+1 and bump, have the same problem here and it’s driving me crazy. I was so happy to use this software, but I might just be pushed to go back to vintage, offline tools. Pleeeeease fix this!