Fix for schematic grid alignment issue with Eagle imports

I was going crazy trying to work with mis-aligned pins and wires in the schematic view for Eagle imports. I finally created a script to align everything to the grid so it can be edited properly. Here are the steps:

  1. Export the design in Upverter Open JSON format (thanks Upverter for providing this!)

  2. Upload to my script here:

  3. Create a new project using the newly generated .upv file

All the components and wires will now be aligned to the grid so they can be properly edited.

Note: the file is deleted from the server immediately after processing, so your design is not at risk (unless my server gets compromised or something…no guarantees here but I do my best!)

Prefer to do it locally? Here’s the code:


it seems to get a error when i re import the file help needed please

oly99 is correct, a useless error message is generated when creating new project with the UPV file stating that ‚ÄúSomething went wrong on server side‚ÄĚ.