Fastest way to import BOM to Digikey?

What is the fastest way to order parts for my board?

Right now, I’m downloading the BOM CSV file, deleting and rearranging the columns, then importing into Digikey’s BOM manager. This takes a while. I thought I recall an “Order” button earlier but now I can’t find it. The only unorderable part is DNP and shows as quantity zero. Am I doing something wrong?


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Hey Noland - @Alex should probably jump in here. But until he does you’re right. There used to be an order button and there will be again soon. We had to turn it off temporarily for maintenance. In the meantime what you’re doing is probably the best way, but I agree its slow.

I just did a digikey order last night myself by hand and its brutal.

Let me chat with the production team here about adding a csv export that is formatted perfectly for Digikey - would that save you some time?

You guys are on the ball! Yeah, I was thinking just one more download option that had the correct columns in the correct order.

This isn’t quite perfect though because, as far as I understand, the parts only have manufacturer numbers by default. I have to manually add supplier pns to a custom attribute. Which would be fine. But then the name of the supplier pn attribute needs to be strictly defined so that custom bom csv would pull the right attribute into the right column.

Without specifying an exact supplier pn, I still need to edit most lines in the Digikey order because they won’t necessarily default to right packaging option (eg: cut tape). Supplier pn is always more precise and avoids issues with poorly defined manufacture pns when it comes to temp codes etc.

You’re right, that could be an issue. @adam_rakoff is working on a solution for you, Im sure he’ll share it as soon as he makes some progress!

While I have not delved into this yet, it is on my list for the next few weeks. There are a whole lot of fixes and improvements to be made including more default attributes (like supplier # and packaging type) and better formatting of the file in general.

As I work on this I’ll be happy to give you updates and feedback.

Keep up the good work boys. (and girls??)