Failed to establish server id once again


I have already posted in another similar thread 8 hours ago and I’d really like to finish this simple design know and cut a prototype, but I cannot open the editor :frowning:
design ID: d6e8a18077b03f12

it would be great if somebody could fix this fast, thank you!


Is there anybody there?


Sorry for late response. Please recheck again.


Hey Olv,
Thanks for your late response! Unfortantely I have moved on trying to find another Software I can use. I honestly still struggle with weird UIs unlike Upverters. But I do not have to wait for 27 days to get stuff fixed to be able to work on my design.

As I have stated in a different thread I will be very happy to return once you guys get this fixed. I understand using free software may come with downsides, but having to wait for almost a month to get a broken design fixed just ruins the user experience in the most spectacular way, and it has happened on significantly more than one occasion :frowning:


Completely understand your complaint Wolfgang, due to lack of resources such delays happen but we are trying to do our best.
Nonetheless, is your design available in the editor now? If not, please let us know, so that we will investigate the problem deeply.