Failed to establish server id once again

I have already posted in another similar thread 8 hours ago and I’d really like to finish this simple design know and cut a prototype, but I cannot open the editor :frowning:
design ID: d6e8a18077b03f12

it would be great if somebody could fix this fast, thank you!

Is there anybody there?

Hello! Just had this error again with design ID 16c8d881f92c464b. I really really sincerely hope that one day this problem will not appear again and hope you can help me fast!

Lienbacher…you’re not the only one…I’m getting the error too…I’ve posted in the forum and their facebook page…

The problem is resolved now and the editor works well.

Thank you Olv for solving this quickly! :pray:

I’m still having this issue. As far as I can tell I can only open one of my designs with the rest unable to resolve the server ID. Also applies to completely new designs started from scratch.

Sorry about that. We are currently fixing this problem.