Extract Parts from Imported Projects

Hi if there is already a way to do this please let me know. It would be really handy to enter a project and be able to identify and select parts (symbol and footprint) to be copied into your own parts library for reuse in other projects.


Hi Glenn,

For parts in the Upverter library, you can go to the part page directly to add it to your library.

For parts that are part of an imported project, we don’t currently have a way for you to bulk select them to import into a library.

Your current solutions:

  1. It’s possible that the part already exists in our library, separate from your imported project. You may have to edit it to be more complete.
  2. You can extract the part as a module to use in projects. This method will end up cluttering your projects list and we don’t currently support adding modules to libraries.
  3. You can recreate the part in the Upverter library.

Hi thanks for the reply. I would like to formally request this feature be added to upverter as there will be times where the original part will not be available outside upverter for import and to recreate it would be wasting time when the symbol/footprint is technically is already in the system (as part of a design) but not in the part library yet.


Old thread, but almost (if not) exactly what I’m trying to do.

That is, I have created a part in my personal library. I want to also move that part to one of my group private libraries - i.e. I want to copy a part from one context to another.

Is that possible now? I hope so…I find this extremely inconvenient.