Export schematic and pcb to eagle/altium and other formats


Hi. Is there any way to export data into eagle or altium or other format using upverter?

There was a upverter script some years ago and I found it became upverter.com Was export functionality removed or this can be in paid version ?


We currently do not have export to other tools, sadly the script that you are referring to was very old, and no longer works and we have not been able to maintain it. We are looking into way to make export happen.


For me, not being able to export implies vendor lock-in. Vendor lock-in is a major risk, so I’ll won’t use upverter for anything more than very simple toy projects. That’s sad, given that it actually seems like a cool tool! All it would take is to publish an up-to-date spec of the JSON format, then the community could create converters where needed.