Export board layer(s) to PDF

A common way to produce PCBs for prototyping is using UV lighting and etch it with acid etc. For this I need to be able to print the PCB layout. In eagle I could easily do this by exporting to PDF(most accurate prints). However with upverter you’re limited to gerber and some other formats except PDF (the schematic can be exported to pdf though…)

Eagle messes up the import of the gerber so that is unusable. I found a little program online to do it but this is suboptimal (gerber2pdf). I would like to be able to export to PDF immediately and not having to use 3rd party programs which may introduce errors into the design (gerbv managed to mess up some pads).


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Just made my first PCB in Upverter. Missing PDF too, I use UV-lighting. It would be quite convenient to get an A4 pdf (maybe Letter for USA?).

The application of ultraviolet laser processing in the PCB industryhttp://www.pcbindex.com/