Error with rotated graphics in gerbers


I wanted to add a few graphics(SVG) to the bottom of one of my boards. In the PCB layout tool everything looks fine but in the generated gerbers the rotated graphics are not placed correctly.

I was able to reproduce the problem in a new project which I included below, along with 2 screenshots.


Exported gerber:

Hi, thanks for reporting this. I really appreciate the reproduction steps/test design!

Just to be sure. The text is being done as an SVG as well as the OSHW logos?

I’ll take a look into the problem and let you know when a fix gets deployed.

Yes, that is correct. The text is also an SVG.

Thank you very much!

I’ve submitted a fix for this to code review. I can hopefully deploy it tomorrow.

The fix is live now. It turns out I was flipping then rotating when I should have been rotating then flipping. Also, I wasn’t rotating around the center of the object. Whoops!

For anyone else reading this that has already exported a Gerber file, you’ll need to make a change to your design (any change, even moving a net and then putting it back) in order to get the latest fixes.

Thank you, @Muesli_Reep for reporting the bug and the excellent reproduction design. That helped a ton!

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