"error exporting" When trying to download fabrication files

When I try to export any files associated with manufacturing the board (JSON, gerber, NC Drill, Temp), the time count down prompt shows up, starting at about “16s” and counts to about “10s” before displaying “error exporting”. They schematic related download all work properly and so does the parts list. I saw a topic that mentioned it could be a server backlog issue but, wanted to post this in case it was something different.

Still no response here or on chat?

If this could be fixed by paying I’ll pay right now but, I really need my fabrication files. I’ve never felt so stuck like this with non-web tools I’ve used. I have a deadline and I feel like my manufacturing files are hostage - so close yet so far.

I am having similar issues with no indication as to why it is failing. This has been happening for several days now, nearly a week.

Jacob, Not sure if the issue is the same for you but, here’s what it was for me:

I made a component which was defined by the partbot and started off without a schematic symbol or footprint. I created the footprint and apparently ended up with a 0 value in the nominal value field which overrides the min/max values.

Support identified which part was causing the problem. I recreated the part, deleted the old one from my design and replaced it with the newly created part. Then I was able to export successfully.

I spent all night learning upverter and finishing my first board, and now I am not able to export either. Any ideas @zak @cyu_qu @StephenHamer ?

Hey @hebnern sorry we didn’t get to you on this today. I’m the only one left in the office and this is beyond what I can hack my way through helping you fix. I’ll talk to Steve tomorrow and see what we can do. We’ve had 2 or 3 designs with weird gerber corner cases lately - my guess is thats the issue.

If you desperately need something tonight my suggestion is to delete the most complex components, unverified components and any that you created yourself from the design and see if it will generate gerbers. And then zero in on the fault part from there. Usually when this happens the user has created a particular component, or imported a design file that has an issue with it.

Hope that helps - sorry I cant do more for you tonight.

Support got back to be and it looks like one of my pours defaulted to a "NaN pour order. I changed it to zero and it fixed the problem!

I tried it again this morning, and it worked on the first try. Thanks for the quick support, and keep up the great work. I would REALLY love to see you guys crush EAGLE. It is terrible.