Editor crashes on load

I added a through hole without a hole (a circle of copper) and now the editor crashes on load and goes into a loop of reloading and crashing. Do I just trash this project and start over?

This is an interesting strategy for exposing a copper circle. I’m sure you could add a circle to the solder mask layer instead. If you are still early in the design process, the easiest thing to do is scrap the project, but if you have a lot of work saved, I can pass the project ID along to the development team and ask them for help.

You technically have added a drill hole with a diameter of 0 which will cause a constraint violation at just about every PCB manufacturer. In the future, I would create a polygon on the solder mask layer over top of a copper trace or fill.

Thanks for the reply. I was originally trying to make a mounting hole like on the original Raspberry Pi and was simply trying different settings out. I thought it was interesting that you could create a through-hole without a through-hole. Apparently you can’t! As you said, setting the hole to “none” isn’t actually setting it to none, it’s setting it to “circular” but with no diameter. Maybe the option for “none” should be removed?

I decided to start over. I had forked the project earlier in the day so I didn’t lose everything. Is there any way to make backups or should I just make sure to fork my project every hour? Or… at least every time I decide to start experimenting with non standard settings.

Under normal circumstances, there’s no real need to fork the design in order to revert later, because your undo history is persistent. Basically, you can rewind your entire design process back to the first symbol placement at any time. Of course there’s nothing stopping you from making as many copies as you like.