Edit component shape layer in custom components

Components with a standard footprint prompt the user for the dimensions of the physical package. This then appears as a rectangle in the layout view, and is exported as 3D when generating the stl. However this is not possible to edit for components with non-standard footprints, which makes in my experience the stl export useless, where it could be of huge help.

So it could be cool to be able to define for any component the physical package. This would require defining the width and height in the layout, as well as the height above the PCB.

Hey Gavrilo, I totally agree! This is in definitely in our plans. I unfortunately don’t have an ETA at the moment.

So to be clear, as a first step we’d probably do what you suggested which is allow you to define a rectangular box (length, width, height). Then going forward we’d import the 3D model if the manufacturer has it.

Yes, the first step would be already hugely helpful: it would allow checking easily in other CAD softwares for interferences. I see how importing accurate 3D models from the vendors may be useful in some applications, but I think the first step of defining a 3D bounding box already solves 99% of the issues.

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