Eagle import missing labels


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@a2retro Can you link to a project/point us to an Eagle file that is exhibiting this behaviour? Thanks.


https://upverter.com/a2retro/c5e27fd77148b515/Uthernet-II-AIO-Rev-3/ anandh already has a copy of my import files.


Hey Glenn, just wanted to confirm what you meant by “labels”. Do you mean the component reference designators on the silkscreen (like C23, C24, C25, etc)? Can you give us a few exact examples of what’s missing? This will help us figure it out. Thanks!


https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2238318/labels.PNG from page 1 of my drawing


Hey Glenn, I’m able to see these net names (see below). The only minor difference, compared to the original Eagle schematic, is that the names are on the end of the net stubs. Is your view of the schematic in Upverter somehow different from my screenshot?


Hi yes this is what i see


Ah I see, thanks for pointing that out! The labels are only missing on the design embed on your project page. We’ll get that fixed soon. When you open your design in the editor, the labels will be there.


I see them in the editor.



A fix has been pushed out. Labels should now show up in embeds.