DXF Import Incomplete Path Error



I am new to upverter and not sure if that has already been addressed. I am having issues uploading a DXF file. I am receiving an incomplete path error. I have double checked this in the CAD program I created it in. No sign of incomplete path. What can I do to resolve this error.

Thank you


Can you send an email to support@upverter.com with the design ID youre importing into and DXF file attached.


I’m having similar trouble. Did you end up identifying the issue?


Are there a set of rules that describe using the dxf import function? I’ve managed to import a board outline, but I am having no luck trying to import dxf data onto top copper. Trying to layout a precise antenna pattern using the Upverter path tools is not possible.

I’ve gone right back to basics here.

  • import a simple filled polygon. Error message something like “No usable data. use line, circle, arc, etc.”
  • import and “U” shape. Error message tells me “shape not closed” or something like that
  • I go back and close the U. Error message tells me no usable data.

Has anyone found a repeatable way to import dxf files?


Still having this issue.