DXF Import for Board Outline Best Practices


I’m attempting to import a DXF file as a board outline…

  1. Is there an example DXF file somewhere that could be used as a golden reference? I’m having trouble getting any DXF files to get parsed correctly by Upverters importer.

  2. What is an example of a CAD program that exports DXF files that Upverter likes to parse?

  3. Is there a specific ‘flavor’ of DXF that Upverter’s importer prefers:

  • DXF 2007
  • DXF 2004
  • DXF 2000
  • DXF R14
  • DXF R12


I’m in the same situation. There is no effective way to draw a non-ractangular outline in Upverter, so I’d like to import. But nothing I send it works. I’ve tried two CAD programs, and all the DXF formats i can find. Please bump this.