Dragging pins in the component editor is painful

I’m trying to get up to speed with the component editor using this post. The problem I’m having is that the editor I am using does not behave like the one in the video.

Specifically, once I have defined all the pins and I try to move them around inside the editor, I need to move each constituent part of the pin individually - the pin box, the connecting line and the name of the pin. I’ve created a screencast and uploaded it here which hopefully makes it clear what I mean.

In the tutorial video, each pin can be dragged away from the symbol box and it automatically snaps back to the symbol when dragged near it. All parts of the pin appear to move with it. How can I get my component editor to work like the one in the video?


Hi Craig,

We received a bunch of feedback that our pins weren’t flexible enough for non-standard symbols! This was one attempt to allow pins to be a bit more customizable. We still do the snap + align on initial pin placement, but we do expose individual pin-shapes to manipulation after that.

Perhaps what we really need is some sort of hybrid edit mode that allows the best of both worlds. We’ll keep iterating on this and hopefully end up somewhere even better.



Perhaps a modifier key? Default is to move all parts of the pin. Use a modifier key and drag individual parts.

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HI Glenn,

Thanks for the suggestions. As Adam said, we are continuously working on this and we appreciate your feedback.


Hi @a2retro & @Craig -

We’ve released an update that automatically selects the associated line and label anytime you select the terminal. We think this feels ‘right’ and strikes the balance between ease-of-use and flexibility. Let us know your thoughts!



Works for me. Appreciate the update.

It works really well for me, I think you’ve nailed it. Thanks Guys!