Documentation for Open JSON Format

See the PDF attachment for details on the format.

Upverter_OpenJSON.pdf (441.1 KB)


Hi, this PDF says “Last Updated: Nov 16, 2012”. The README for the Upverter Universal Format Converter says “Upverter is in the process of overhauling our UPV format to a new version. We don’t expect to maintain the current version, however we look forward to sharing our new version with you when it’s ready to go!” But that was two years ago.

Can anyone from Upverter confirm that this OpenJSON spec is still current, and if it isn’t, could they provide a link to an updated spec?

Thanks very much,

John :^P

Hey John, the spec is out of date and the converter is also out of date. We merged it all into Upverter more tightly and have been maintaining it internally. We plan to release a new spec in the future, but there has been very little external demand for it lately.

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This is the “more info” link next to “Open JSON Format” when trying to export.

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spott’s right! There is a major link pointing to this page (from the export design page). Now I came here to find a spec of the format. It would be great if that would be available somewhere. In fact, I consider the option to export a design to some other well-supported format a must for me to even consider using upverter. An undocumented JSON export doesn’t count as well-supported for me.