Details on Upverter onboarding demo PCB


A couple months ago I signed up to see what Upverter was all about. At the time, the carrot for completing onboarding was a physical copy of the completed design.

Fast forward to today, I received the demo PCB and a thank you from @zak. The print looks great, trouble is, I forgot what the thing is designed to do. I can’t find the original project on Upverter, and it didn’t come with any links/info on actually populating the board.

Now, I totally understand if there was never any intention of someone actually trying to assemble one of these boards, but I’ve been working on my homebrew SMD skills and this looks like a fun little project. Lots of interfaces, and if I remember correctly the big pad is for an FPGA.

Has anyone here put one of these together? Or have a link to the original project?



Hey @impressiver glad you received it! We had a big packing and mailing part last week and packed up about 1,000 of these and mailed out the first 600 or so.

The design is the very first design you do in Upverter as part of the tutorial. Its for an FPGA based dev board. And if you haven’t deleted it you should still have a project on your dashboard that we automatically created for you when you signed up.

All that said, with the silkscreen changes we made on the back its probably too hard to put together now and have it work. It would be fine if you just want to try your SMD skillz, but I’d caution against expecting it to work once assembled.