Design in old interface, transfer to new interface?


I have been using upverter for a few years now, and I have a bunch of designs that are only accessible from the old interface. I go to it directly using -

When I log into upverter and follow the menus, I only get pages that say that I have no projects. The interface is totally different.

Can I convert my old designs to be visible in the new interface? How should I proceed going forward?

Hi Roland,

They are actually two different services. there is, the new interface you are referring to, and the circuit editor, accessible through the link you mentioned above.
Upverter Modular was previously known as Gumstix’s Geppetto, and, because the tools are still fundamentally different, your circuit editor designs aren’t accessible through the modular editor dashboard at this time.

For the time being, you will have to access your circuit editor designs by using the URL.